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Newest Acquisition: The Kurent CostumeThe Kurent Costume

SMA is proud to welcome our newest acquisition, the Kurent costume, which was generously donated to SMA by Mark Gold and Ellen Kennedy from Massachusetts.  This fabulous costume was made by Marko Klinc from Ptuj.

The Kurent (also Korant) is a part of traditional Slovenian festivities called “pust” or Lent, which comes at the end of winter.  This old Slovenian tradition incorporates different types of masks and costumes, which by the old pagan beliefs scare away, winter to usher in spring and bring fertility and abundance. 

The Kurent is distinctive to the Ptuj region.  In the old days, it would go around the village with a group called “orači” (ploughmen).  Today there is a modern festival in Ptuj called “Kurentovanje”, where groups of Kurents perform.

The costume is composed of a sheepskin coat, big heavy bells, a head with horns (decorated with colorful strips), a long red tongue and a bat called “ježevka”, lined with hedgehog skin. 

We hope that the Kurent will also be a symbol of good luck for our museum.           

We invite you to come and see the Kurent.

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