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Slovenian Museum and Archives News

Slovenian Museum and Archives is Alive and Well

November 6 , 2008

The Slovenian Museum and Archives is alive and well and residing in the Slovenian National Home Complex on St. Clair Avenue in Cleveland.

Construction is underway on the SMA’s first floor spaces, with plans for further future expansion.  The SMA recently purchased Past Perfect Software (museum and archival specific software) as well as computers, scanners, cameras and copiers to assist in the implementation of professional archiving procedures of all items that are donated.  The SMA is also currently accepting applications for a Museum Administrator through November 26.

As the Thanksgiving season approaches, the Board of Directors of the SMA would like to express its sincere thanks to the Slovenian community of Cleveland for its interest and dedication to this extremely important project.  Many thanks also to the many Slovenians from all over the United States who have reached out to us with financial support or archival donations.  We remind all that now is the time to be a part of this exciting venture, to celebrate and preserve our Slovenian heritage in a permanent location within the Slovenian Community of Cleveland.

To make a donation to the Slovenian Museum and Archives – either with archival materials or financial contributions, please call 216-361-5600 or toll free 877-361-4SMA, or e-mail: [email protected].   Founding memberships are still available, as are opportunities to dedicate/name a space within the museum.  Please call or send an email for more information.

The Slovenian Museum and Archives is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to collect, preserve and share Slovenian ethnic identity by providing an educational, cultural and literary resource for families, students, archivists and researchers worldwide.

SMA is located at 6415 St. Clair Avenue.  Please visit us on Saturday, November 29 from 12 pm to 5 pm, when the National Cleveland Style Polka Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony will take place at Slovenian National Home, and see our  special Slovenian Christmas exhibit including "Sv. Miklavž" and other Slovenian traditions.  The exhibit can also be viewed on Sunday, December 7 from 3 pm to 6 pm, following the St. Vitus School "Miklavževanje" play, and the KSKJ Christmas party; and on Sunday, December 14 from 10 am to 2 pm, during the AMLA Christmas party at the Slovenian National Home.  

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